Hi. I’m Michael Santos and I want to welcome you to Prison If you’re experiencing troubles with the criminal justice system, then I know what you’re going through. More importantly, I can help. In fact this is my life’s work.

Decades ago I was in a situation much like you’re in right now. My crime may have been different, but the predicament was the same.


Authorities arrested me in 1987 when I was a young man of 23. I’d never been confined before. I faced a lengthy prison term. And I suffered all the anxieties that may be plaguing you right now. I couldn’t sleep. The stress I endured manifested itself in both biological and psychological ways. I felt ashamed and humiliated, not knowing where to turn for guidance. Yet I emerged from the journey successfully. I can assure you that if you take appropriate measures, you will do the same.

I know scores of former prisoners and former prison guards call themselves prison consultants. Your due diligence will convince you that I’m different. Unlike those who served a few months in a single institution, or individuals who once worked for the government, I’m the real deal. I served 26 well-documented years in prisons of every security level.

It isn’t the time that I served that qualifies me to help you. Anyone can serve time. I’m the best in the world to help you because I know the challenges that are about to come. I can teach you how to conquer those challenges just as I have. That isn’t a theory, it’s a verifiable fact. I encourage you to visit the media page, where you can start your due diligence.



While incarcerated I lived a life of meaning and relevance, serving every day with a high level of energy, discipline, and integrity. I’ll show you how to do the same. I earned academic degrees. I published books that opened new opportunities. I married the love of my life and supported her through earnings I generated while incarcerated. I built a thriving support network. I don’t tell you that to toot my own horn, but as offer of credibility to show why I’m the best qualified to help you.

After 9,500 days of imprisonment, I returned to society exactly as I had planned, with numerous income opportunities awaiting me. In fact, I could put on a suit and tie, walk into any room, and no one would know I served a day in prison. Within weeks of my release I was a homeowner and on my way to building a successful career. I began teaching as an adjunct professor at San Francisco State University while I simultaneously worked toward ending the greatest social injustice of our time—which is our nation’s commitment to mass incarceration.


That great social injustice may have trapped you. Not to worry. Like Virgil guided Dante through the circles of of hell, or as a ball of string guided Theseus out of the labyrinths after he slayed the Minotaur, I can guide you through these challenges and back to your life of prosperity. I’m better qualified than anyone to help you navigate your way back to a life of meaning and relevance. In fact, I’m so certain of my ability to help you that I don’t only offer a money-back guarantee. I also make a pledge that no one else can match.

If you find anyone with more depth or breadth of experience than I have in facing the criminal justice system and emerging successfully, then hire him and I’ll pay the consulting fee.

To paraphrase an old Chinese proverb: if you want to know the road ahead, ask someone who is coming back.

A Google search of my name will yield an abundance of information about my journey and credentials. Through the media link on, you can click on logos to read articles or watch news segments from the national media that profile my work. But I filmed the video above so that I could speak directly—or indirectly as the case may be—to people who’ve been targeted for a criminal prosecution.

I’m going to provide a bit of insight into my journey. Then, if you’re a defendant, I’d like to tell you what to expect going forward.  Finally, I’ll invite you to contact me so that we can begin working on a deliberate course of action to achieve some very specific goals.

Through a scope of work that we can define together, Prison Professor can help you restore your confidence and sense of purpose. We can help you understand the challenges that are about to come. We can help you prepare in ways that will lead to the lowest possible sentence and ensure that you receive the most favorable prison designation from the Bureau of Prisons.

You will want to serve the least amount of time in the easiest possible environment. Our team has the experience to help you achieve both goals. With me it isn’t happy talk. I’ve been there and I’ve done it. You will do the same. Perhaps most importantly, we will work together to ensure that you return to society with your dignity intact and with new income opportunities awaiting you.


Let me begin with my background. As I said, it may be different from yours. I made some bad decisions as a young man. In the 1980s, during a reckless adolescence, I sold cocaine. The movie Scarface influenced me in a bad way. With images of fast cars and hot chicks, I moved to Miami and began trafficking. Authorities arrested me when I was 23. Never having been confined before, all that I cared about was getting out of jail. That was a mistake. I should have been thinking about the best possible outcome, not clinging to a fantasy. After several weeks of trial, a jury convicted me. During that awkward phase between my conviction and sentence, I found the purpose that would drive all of my decisions going forward.

That purpose required me to focus on how I wanted to emerge from the experience. I put a plan in place. Then I executed the plan relentlessly, focusing obsessively on how I wanted to return to society.

I suspect that defendants who are reviewing my work embraced that same principled approach to achieve high levels of success in their life.


It isn’t new. It’s the plan that every successful entrepreneur embraces. An overnight success is frequently 20 years in the making. That principled approach to success led many to becoming the best in the world at what they do.

If you’re a criminal defendant, my question for you follows:

Are you living a principled approach to life right now, when you’ve faced this unfortunate reversal of fortune?

A man without a plan could allow the trauma of a criminal prosecution to derail him. He can lose confidence. The system can emasculate him, exacerbating his problems. At, we provide the guidance defendants need to recalibrate and get back on the path to success.

As may be the case with you right now, once I learned that the federal government was going to charge me with a crime, my spirits sunk. I felt like a marionette puppet, with others pulling the strings of my life. I didn’t know where to turn for information. My defense attorney would focus on the intricacies of trial preparation. But there were so many unknowns ahead.

The greatest fear is the fear of the unknown.


The time has come to begin preparations for the next phase of your life. You cannot begin building the path to new levels of success if you let this current predicament define you. Remember that we don’t drown by falling into water. We drown by staying there.

If you’re a defendant and you’re reading this post, you’ve got to take action now. Do not allow this challenge to derail your future. Learn and act. The more you know about the road ahead, the better. Since I don’t know where you are in your current stage of proceedings, let me tell you what to expect will follow along the continuum of a criminal prosecution.


We assist you in creating a compelling narrative. The sentencing package will counter balance the biased report that a U.S. Probation officer will rely upon to create your Presentence Investigation. We show you in the best light, gathering character-reference letters and coaching you on how best to express your remorse during your sentencing hearing.

Certainly, you will hire a competent defense lawyer to guide you through the finding-of-fact stages of the proceedings. In other words, your defense attorney will guide you through your pre-trial, trial, and sentencing proceedings.

Develop resources that your attorney may use to argue for the lowest possible sentence in the event of a conviction. We recognize that you may be acquitted of the charges. Still, prepare yourself to minimize exposure to the downside. We strive to empower you so that you can navigate the challenges that follow a conviction most successfully.


We position you for everything you need to know about mastering the prison experience. You will learn what to expect from different security levels and how to ensure that you serve your sentence in the best possible environment. Learn how you can create opportunities to thrive. Return to society with your dignity in tact, ready to launch the next phase of your fulfilling life.




Prison Professor teaches defendants how to overcome the challenges and ancillary consequences that accompany a criminal prosecution. Sign up today to position yourself for the lowest possible sentence in the easiest possible prison. Emerge with your dignity intact.

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