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How to Prepare For Sentencing

Few defendants know or understand how to prepare for sentencing. That’s understandable. First-time offenders have especially hard times preparing for sentencing. People see others that break the law as criminals. Yet when authorities target them, defendants see things differently. Despite their arrest and conviction, defendants cannot identify with the way that others in the system will perceive […]

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Sentence Mitigation Works

Andrew Casperson needed an effective sentence mitigation strategy. Prosecutors accused him of coordinating a $38 million Ponzi scheme. He pleaded guilty to the crime. His victims included family and friends. At sentencing, prosecutors urged the judge to sentence Mr. Caspersen to 188 months, nearly 16 years. Judge Jed Rakoff sentenced him to 48 months, about […]

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Plea for Non-Existent REIT Investments

Mortgage Fraud Blog. Mark F. Speakman, 60, Grove City, Ohio, was sentenced to 60 months in prison for an investment fraud scheme that defrauded his clients out of more than $1.1 million. According to court documents, between 2000 and 2015, Speakman was a financial advisor at Ameriprise Financial, and between 2002 and 2015 he defrauded […]

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Convicted for Stealing Down Payments

Mortgage Fraud Blog. Luis Antonio Rodriguez, 36, Mission, Texas, and Rogelio Ramos Jr., 36, Pharr, Texas were convicted by a federal jury of conspiracy to commit wire fraud for their roles in a “second chance” mortgage lending scheme. The convictions followed a seven-day-trial and approximately nine hours of deliberation by the jury. Guadalupe Artemio Gomez, […]

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Michael G. SantosMy name is Michael Santos and I am 100% transparent. During the 26 years that I served in prisons of every security level, I interviewed hundreds of individuals and wrote their stories. Without exception, individuals who did not come from a “criminal lifestyle” expressed regret that they did not know more about the criminal justice system prior to surrendering to prison. Examples of some high-profile individuals with whom I have worked include:

  • Greg Reyes
    • Former Chairman and CEO of Brocade Communications Systems
  • Andris Pukke
    • Founder and former CEO of Ameridebt
  • Lee Nobmann
    • Founder and former CEO of Golden State Lumber
  • Bob Brennan
    • Founder and former CEO of First Jersey Securities

Each of those individuals emerged from their experience with their dignity in tact, overcoming the challenges that accompanied a criminal prosecution. At Prison Professor, we empower our clients. We can help you.

Our lessons, webinars, and consulting services for sentence-mitigation will help anyone facing prosecution, sentencing, or prison. We teach what we know. In Prison Professor blogs, we provide insight for white-collar offenders and people who want to prepare for success. We offer commentary on the cases and provide suggestions defendants should consider.

If you’re being charged with a white collar crime, or you work with individuals who face prosecution, sentencing, and prison, please review our free sample lessons. Call 415-419-1728 for a free consultation.

We’re the best in the world at preparing individuals who have been targeted with a criminal prosecution. We offer a money-back guarantee and generous referral fees for defense attorneys. If a prospective client finds someone else with more qualifications or experience than I have in preparing an individual for the challenges that accompany a prosecution, then I will pay the consulting fee.

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