Defendants Should Write Their Story

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Defendants Should Write Their Story

Business InsiderJodi Crupi has been tarnished because she took a job at Bernie Madoff’s firm. Prosecutors claimed that she was involved in the fraud, but she claims that Madoff duped her like he duped everyone else. When she spoke with me, I urged her to write her version of events. She should let the world know precisely what happened. If she doesn’t, the prosecutor’s version of events will be her legacy. I encourage all defendants to introspect, write their story, and explain why they’ve fallen into the position they’re in. That strategy has worked well for me and for others with whom I’ve worked.

Michael Santos
Michael Santos
Michael Santos teaches others how to restore strength and confidence after struggle. Deliberate strategies guided him through 26 years in federal prison. While incarcerated, Michael earned university degrees, published more than 10 books, and earned resources that empowered him to emerge successfully. He continues to live by those strategies and writes to teach others how to live fulfilling, meaningful lives regardless of external forces.
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