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What Value Can a Prison Consultant Bring You?

A lot!

For decades, scholars have written how the possibility of a prison sentence can derail an individual’s sense of confidence. A competent prison consultant can provide solutions. Our prison consultants are the best in the world at teaching strategies to overcome the debilitating influences of the prison experience.

Prison Consultant Helps You Prepare

Prison Consultant Helps You Prepare

Those who enrolled in a Psychology 101 course in undergraduate school may remember studying The Stanford Prison Experiment. Professor Philip Zimbardo and his colleagues created a mock prison for the specific purpose of learning how the prison experience influenced people who did not come from a criminal background. Professor Craig Haney, at UC Santa Cruz, continues those studies and writes about the influences mass incarceration has had on individuals in our society.

Those academic studies, and countless others, offer insight into why prisons eradicate the life of so many people who are threatened with the possibility of a prison sentence.

At Prison, our prison consultants guide clients in ways that prepare them to overcome the challenges ahead. Our experience distinguishes us from anyone else in the prison consulting space.

Prison Consultants:

Michael Santos founded as a resource to show more individuals how to face the prison experience with eyes wide open. The data of prison influences is real. People who fail to prepare for prison can suffer lasting consequences, even after the sentence is finished. Prisons can rip families apart. They can undermine income possibilities. They can lead a series of cascading failures.

Prison consulting sets defendants on a more deliberate path to success.

Michael wrote numerous books to teach the strategies that empowered him as he faced a sentence of life without parole. When his judge imposed a 45-year sentence, Michael was ready. He was 23 years old at the time of his arrest, in 1987. His sentence meant that he would remain in federal prison until 2013. But he didn’t crumble. Instead, he learned from historical and contemporary leaders that included Socrates, Aristotle, Viktor Frankl, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch.

The leadership lessons necessary to overcome a prison sentence follow the same principled path as the leadership lessons necessary to overcome any other of life’s challenges. Michael Santos mastered that principled approach to overcoming struggle. At, our prison consultants teach lessons he wrote so that others can apply those strategies to overcome their own challenges.

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Contact us today to embark upon a deliberate path that will restore your confidence and prepare you for the challenges ahead. Our prison consultants will teach you how to thrive, regardless of external circumstances.

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