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If you’re convicted in federal court, a series of steps will follow before the Federal Bureau of Prisons provides your prison designation. First, you will meet with a probation officer who will conduct a Presentence Investigation. If you’re well prepared, you will work with your attorney to prepare an effective sentence-mitigation strategy. Then, after the sentencing hearing, your judge will issue a Judgment order. The US Marshals will deliver that order to administrators who work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Grand Prairie, Texas. From that offsite location, they will evaluate your PSI and your Judgment order. If defendants fail to take proactive action, the administrators will rely upon those documents to impose a prison designation.


Prison Designation

A prison designation can have enormous influence on the defendant and on the defendant’s family. We offer lesson plans that teach how the Bureau of Prisons calculates a defendant’s custody and classification scoring. In addition, we offer a Prison Consultant plan that explains when individuals can expect in every type of prison. Clients who work with will have a broad understanding of how the Bureau of Prisons operates. That knowledge will position them to thrive, regardless of what prison designation they receive.

Working through the lesson plans are the first step to understanding complexities of a prison designation. Defendants should also understand how their behavior in prison can influence prison designation as the individual advances through the prison term.

Individuals who’ve not experienced the challenges that accompany a prison term may not appreciate the magnitude of influence a prison designation can have on the prison adjustment. White collar offenders may appreciate the analogy of a university. A Harvard graduate may experience different career opportunities than a graduate of Valley College.

As your Prison Consultant, we teach our clients how to position themselves for the best possible prison experience. Our prison consultant lessons are predicated on the strategies that guided Michael Santos through prisons of every security level. During the 26 years that he served, he endured prison designations that locked him inside the high-security United States Penitentiary in Atlanta; the medium-security prisons known as Federal Correctional Institution McKean and Federal Correctional Institution Fairton; the low-security Federal Correctional Institution at Fort Dix, New Jersey; the minimum security Federal Prison Camps at Florence, Colorado; Lompoc, California; Taft, California; and Atwater, California.

The links on the media page above validate that Michael achieved remarkable levels of success in each of those institutions. That experience positions us as your Prison Consultant to show you how to succeed regardless of which prison designation the Federal Bureau of Prisons assigns.

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