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Residential Drug Abuse Program? What does it take to qualify?

RDAP stands for the 500-hour Residential Drug Abuse Program. It’s available in some federal prisons. It’s commonly known as RDAP Drug Program or the 500-hour Drug Program. The key advantage that attracts many defendants is a possible time cut. Successful participants in RDAP qualify for release up to one year early.

Readers who do not have experience with the Federal Bureau of Prisons may wonder about the peculiarities of RDAP. If RDAP provides for the possibility of leaving prison up to one year early, why doesn’t every federal prisoner participate?

Unfortunately, the Federal Bureau of Prisons is designed to receive. It erects obstacles that limit the number of people who can participate. The drug program is not available in every prison. Further, many defendants fail to learn about its benefits until after it’s too late. Statements they made prior to sentencing render them ineligible for participation. Without qualifying for the program, they cannot qualify for the 12-month time cut.


Graduates of RDAP in BOP

Graduates of RDAP in BOP

  • How Do Defendants Position Themselves to Qualify for RDAP?

Defendants who want to prepare for the possibility of a 12-month time cut should position themselves for RDAP. In the lesson plan we wrote, we describe strategies that defendants may consider. Those strategies will advance the possibility of their being eligible for the program and the 12-month time cut.

  • Can a Defendant Without a Substance Abuse Problem Reap the Benefits of RDAP?

In order to qualify for a 12-month sentence reduction through RDAP, The Federal Bureau of Prisons has specific requirements. Defendants should educate themselves on how to qualify for the 12-month time cut. Once they understand what the Federal Bureau of Prisons requires, the defendant can decide whether he wants to position himself to participate.

At, our lesson plans, webinars, and consultants serve as a resource. We teach defendants everything necessary to qualify for RDAP and the possibility of a 12-month sentence reduction.

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