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What is a Sentence Mitigation Specialist?

We help you serve the lowest possible term.

If you’re a defendant who anticipates the possibility of a conviction, then you should begin preparing your sentence-mitigation strategy. You need a sentence mitigation specialist. At, our sentence mitigation specialist can collaborate with you and your attorneys to help in a number of ways. We want you to understand why creating a sentence-mitigation strategy is crucial to ensuring that your judge perceives you as more than the nature of your charges. With that end in mind, we offer a fully developed sentence mitigation lesson plan that you may download now.

The Sentence Mitigation lesson plan will open your eyes to deliberate steps you can begin taking now to build your sentence-mitigation package. Ideally, your package should serve to help your defense attorney make the most compelling case for you to serve the least amount of time possible. Certainly, you may choose to leave this important task in the hands of your capable defense attorney. At, our experience suggests that you will be far better off if you collaborate with your defense attorney. Since you’re in a better position than anyone to know the reasons why you’re deserving of the lowest possible sentence, you should take steps now to begin building that sentence mitigation strategy.

Your defense attorney will likely focus considerable time, energy, and resources preparing for trial or negotiating the most favorable plea deal. If a jury convicts you or you plead guilty, the sentencing hearing will soon follow. That means you will not have much time to build a compelling narrative that shows you as a complete human being.

Each sentence mitigation strategy is different and highly personal. You should anticipate that your judge will have an abundance of information from government. You may expect your prosecutor to argue that you’re you’re deserving of a harsh sentence. A probation officer will put together a presentence investigation report that shows the government’s version of events.

Without a doubt, your defense attorney will argue passionately that you’re deserving of lower sentence. But what steps are you taking today to empower your defense attorney? If you do not provide him with evidence to make a powerful argument, you will not be in the strongest possible position during the sentencing hearing.

The sentence mitigation lesson plan offers suggestions on strategies you can pursue to build a compelling case. If you would like personal assistance in building a compelling sentence mitigation strategy, then our sentence mitigation specialist can help. Our sentence mitigation specialists have extensive experience to assist you in writing a narrative that will show you as a more complete human being.

In some cases, clients retain our sentence mitigation specialist to help them build a portfolio of character-reference letters; in other cases clients retain us to write their biography. Essentially, the sentence-mitigation strategy will offer an explanation of the past, providing contextual background that led the defendant into the current predicament. The completed package will express the defendant’s remorse and show that the defendant has an abundance of support in the community because of the good works the defendant has done in the past. Most importantly, the sentence mitigation specialist will provide you with the resource you need to make a compelling case for a lower sentence.

Your sentence mitigation package can have critical influence in the judge’s sentencing decision. In fact, it can be the decisive factor in whether a defendant receives the lowest possible sentence, or a more onerous sanction than necessary.

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If you’d like to work with our sentence mitigation specialist, contact us today. We will spend as much time as necessary to work with you personally. Together we develop a compelling narrative with back-up documentation to show why you’re deserving of the lowest possible sentence.

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